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    Warmer Roof Tiled Conservatory Roofs from Excelsior Windows & Conservatories

    A Warmer Roof will transform your home, providing you with all year round living space

    Is your conservatory too hot in the summer months but freezing cold in the winter? This is the problem many homes are faced with, meaning they can only use their conservatory through certain months of the year or are faced with extortionate heating bills trying to keep their conservatory at a comfortable temperature.

    A Warmer Roof solves this problem with it’s premium honeycomb insulation offering exceptional thermal performance.
    • Eliminates exterior noise
    • Eliminates sun glare
    • Add value to your home
    • Temperature control

    Fast Assembly, Minimal Distruption

    The Pre-assembled modular nature of a 'Warm Roof' speeds up installation time

    The ‘Warm Roof’ design was conceived through the use of a unique modular pod system, pre-fabricated with the aim to speed up installation time and minimise disruption on site. We understand the importance of having a roof system that is hassle free, easy to assemble but without compromise to performance.

    All roofs are designed and created on the latest manufacturing software and sent directly to our ‘state of the art’ CNC Machining Centre. This method ensures maximum precision and quality control from start to finish.

    What Makes 'Warm Roofs' Special?

    'Warm Roofs'are Highly Insulated Lightweight Timber Solution

    The Warmer Roof consists of a timber framework section, either shaped or rectangular, serving as a structural link between the eaves and ridge. This framework is supported by a specially engineered Glulam eaves beam, ensuring exceptional structural strength, durability, and performance.

    Attached to the head of the window frames, it's externally finished with fascia board and an 'Ogee' decorative gutter system. Each roof pod is pre-assembled in the factory using C24 roof grade timbers, meticulously designed by our specialist engineers. Externally, all pods are covered with a plywood/OSB outer skin for added rigidity and strength.

    1 - Tile Breather Mesh

    Provides air flow gap underneath tiles, allows roof to breathe preventing condensation

    2 - Breather Membrane

    Waterproof membrane protects from water ingress and allows roof to breathe.

    3 - Eaves Protector

    Provides added protection to eaves beam from extreme weather conditions

    4 - Multi Foil Insulation

    125mm honeycomb insulation for exceptional thermal performance

    5 - Insulated Plasterboard

    Insulated plasterboard for additional thermal and vapour protection

    6 - Glulam Ringbeam

    A robust, carefully engineered ring beam that is light enough to sit on your existing frames.

    7 - Gutter & Fascia

    Stylish Ogee Gutter System and Fascia.

    8 - Timber Frame

    Natural timber skeleton manufactured with a unique modular pod system.

    9 - 15mm OSB or Ply

    OSB / Ply outer skin for extra strength and rigidity.

    10 - Roof Tiles

    Choose from a range of tile options to blend in with your existing house tiles

    Colour and Style Options

    Excelsior Windows & Conservatories have a range of Slate & Shingle tile options to suit your style

    If you have a conservatory or a modern new build extension, Warmer Roof offers a diverse selection of lightweight tiles to enhance your home. Choose our slate options for a touch of elegance and tradition, featuring textured surfaces and rugged edges. Or, consider our Shingle galvanized steel sheet tiles with a stone-coated finish for a practical, economical, and sustainable roofing solution.

    Britmet Liteslate Specification

    • Min pitch: 12 degrees
    • Lightweight - From 10kg per sq metre
    • Fire rating BS476-3
    • 40-year warranty against weather penetration

    Tapco Slate Specification

    • Min pitch: 14 degrees
    • As low as 12kg per sq metre
    • Fully tested - fire rating wind, driven rain & water absorption.
    • 40-year warranty

    Metrotile Shingle Specification

    • Min pitch: 15 degree
    • As low as 6.1kg per sq metre
    • Rigorously tested to withstand harsh weather conditions and vandalism
    • 40-year warranty
    • Highest possible external fire resistance rating
    • Hidden Fix System

    Britmet Shingle Specification

    • Min pitch: 15 degrees
    • Lightweight - Under 7kg per sq metre
    • Fire rating AA classification
    • 40-year warranty against weather penetration

    Britmet Pantile 2000 Specification

    • Extremely low pitch - Min 5 degrees
    • 40-year warranty against weather penetration
    • Lightweight - weight as laid per m2: 11kg
    • Fire rating AA classification
    • Full length sheets for quick and easy installation

    A roof to fit any conservatory

    The 'Warm Roof' titled roof is specifically designed to fit conservatories of all shapes and sizes

    A bespoke roof, combining any two styles

    A simple, mono pitched roof offers clean lines. Perfect for adding large opening vents.

    Hipped lean-to
    Same shape as a Lean-To with the addition of either one or two hips to create sloping side(s)

    A contemporary look with the option of a glass gable frame to front to maximise natural light.

    Double Edwardian with box gutter
    Double sided Edwardian with aluminium box gutter fixed directly to house wall.

    One of the most popular shapes. Made up of three angled facets to front of conservatory.

    Victorian 5 Bay
    Same shape as a standard Victorian with the addition of two extra hips giving you five angled facets to front of conservatory.

    Optional Upgrades

    Unlock the potential of your 'Warm Roof' titled roof with our range of optional extras

    External Soffits

    Incorporating external soffits into your tiled conservatory roof offers an excellent means to introduce a captivating aesthetic and distinguish your conservatory from its surroundings. You can even go the extra mile and add downlights to create a modern feel whilst adding hidden lighting to your garden.

    Internal Pelmet

    Adding internal pelmets to your conservatory's interior presents an excellent opportunity to infuse your conservatory roof with a touch of sophistication. There is even the option for you to incorporate downlights to further enhances this effect. Adding some extra internal lighting to your conservatory space, can help ensure it's just as bright at night as it is during the day.

    Fixed Glass Panels

    Keep your conservatory bright and roomy with our fixed glass panels. They let in lots of natural light, making your space feel airy. Our sleek fixed glazed panels blend seamlessly and give your conservatory a modern look while ensuring it stays well-lit, just like you'd expect in a conservatory.

    A variety of bespoke shaped options are available for our fixed glass panels guarenteeing the perfect fit for your conservatory's shape and style.*

    *Shaped panels only available with Tapco Slate and Britmet Liteslate tile options. Rectangular Panels available in both Slate and Shingle options.

    Roof Windows

    Transform your conservatory into a cozy and welcoming space with our roof windows. They let in plenty of natural light and also offer extra ventilation. These top-notch roof windows are well-insulated, ensuring your conservatory stays bright and comfortable all year round, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

    A variety of opening mechanisims are available for our roof windows:

    • Manual Operation
    • Electric Operation
    • Solar Operation

    Built in integral Blinds are also available for our roof windows:

    • Standard Blinds (Electric or Manual operation)
    • Blackout Blinds

    Upgrade to the 'Warmer Roof Plus'

    Your conservatory space can now be even warmer in winter and cooler in summer

    Upgrade to Warmer Roof Plus for the most thermally efficient roof system currently available on the market. With an excellent U-Value of 0.12Wm2K and enhanced thermal benefits, it helps to significantly reduce energy bills.

    Low pitch option available

    Avoid issues with height restrictions thanks to our convinient low pitch roof option.

    Height restrictions can sometimes create challenges when renovating a conservatory roof because of the 'minimum pitch' requirements set by tile manufacturers. Warmer Roof has introduced an ideal solution with the Britmet Pantile 2000, capable of achieving pitches as low as 5 degrees.

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